Dearborn, Mich., March 13, 2018 – In late February, when two large buses of students from Buxton School in Williamstown, Mass. arrived at Oakwood Common, the Beaumont community in Dearborn, residents soon discovered they were in for a treat.


Each year high school students from this private coeducational boarding school travel to a notable city and share their talents by performing a theatrical production. This year they selected Detroit and included Oakwood Common as one of two audiences in the area for students to present “Welcome Home: An Original Performance.”


“We were honored to be selected,” said Shavon Baker, Oakwood Common’s activities supervisor, who shared that Buxton students first visited the Oakwood Common campus five years ago. “Both times, they reached out to us, so we are really fortunate. The theme of this year’s production of ‘welcome home’ also resonated with our residents.”


“There are many meanings for the word ‘home’,” said Allison Lerman-Gluck, Buxton School drama teacher and director. “Our students and audiences come to recognize that sometimes home is a feeling rather than a place.”


The performance was composed of theatrical scenes, a short play, a movement piece, West African dance and drum, and a shadow play. It was orchestrated with original musical compositions inspired by songs about “home.”


“In addition to the students who performed, classmates managed the entire production, including lighting and sound equipment,” added Baker. “It was extremely professional, and it’s not hard to imagine these young people going into careers that take them as far as the Academy awards. Our residents are still talking about them.”


Lerman-Gluck said, “Buxton students were pleased to perform in such a lovely space, and they felt welcome at Oakwood Common.” 

About Buxton School

Founded in 1928, Buxton School is a private, coeducational boarding school of 90 students located in Williamstown, Massachusetts. While it is primarily a college preparatory high school, there is a strong emphasis on the performing arts. Each year students and faculty take an annual week-long trip to cities in the U.S., as well as travels to Cuba, Puerto Rico and Nicaragua. 


About Oakwood Common

Oakwood Common, a Beaumont community, offers one and two bedroom senior living apartments located at 16351 Rotunda Drive, within a beautiful 29-acre community. It includes exquisite landscaping, nature trails and scenic views along the historic Rouge River Gateway in Dearborn. Assisted living and a comprehensive rehabilitation and skilled nursing center are also available for those with additional needs. For more information and to arrange tours of Oakwood Common, call 800-642-4663.


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